The Journey Begins (again).


On a flight back home from an awesome vacation, I came across a Forbes article, through LinkedIn, titled “How Writing An Article A Day Will Change Your Life (And Your Business)“. Hopefully the hyperlink is still active, and you get a chance to read it.  This article had a great impact on me and I decided to start the “article a day” program for the reasons below:

1) I’m very self aware of my strengths and weakness. Growing up, my dad always told me that, “The strength of a chain is decided by the weakest loop”. This statement is ingrained in me, and as a result, I’m always striving to turn my weaknesses into strengths. There is always a way to improve and get better. Writing isn’t my strongest suite, and I see lots of room for improvement. While reading that Forbes article, a bulb lit up in my head. I decided to write a blog because of the fantastic opportunity it presents to share my experiences with the world in hope that some people might benefit from them, and I get to further refine my writing skills.

2) In April 2017, after acquiring almost half a decade of hardcore product development experience, I quit (on a very happy note) an awesome job in Washington DC, to pursue my dream of a startup in India to develop products to digitize data that will improve the quality of life of people and improve performance of businesses in India. Yes, I’m officially an entrepreneur since 2017, and the journey has been tough so far, but exciting. I enjoy reading about business, new industry trends in technology and leadership. I believe that reading regularly is crucial for any entrepreneur to continuously acquire knowledge, but more important is an entrepreneur’s ability to clearly communicate the knowledge acquired. When you attend that key networking event, you want to make sure your facts are solid and you really know what you are talking about. First impressions count, and if your knowledge is wrong or you “sorta” know something, it could cost you a potential business partner, funding from a VC, or something else that you were hoping to get. So this blog allows me to keep my knowledge in check with references to the right resources.

3) I recently got into the habit of reading. My goal is to read a book a week, and I’m not quite there yet. I’m more like “a book a month” kind of guy. However, I read many articles a day. It might surprise you, but daily reading is one of the common traits of highly successful people and leaders, including Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs and others. These folks allocate dedicated hours in a day just to read! So if these folks have time, you do too. You just have to prioritize it, just like you would your health and well being.

Through reading, you get access to other peoples perspectives on a variety of topics such as life, industry, technology, health care, leadership styles, experiences and so much more. This is an opportunity, or to put it differently, a window into whole new world which can help you grow as an individual should you chose to peak through it.

So to summarize; Writing this blog on a specific topic will allow me to put words to my thoughts, experiences & knowledge. Through these blogs, I hope to inspire people and share valuable lessons which would eventually help them in their lives.

Stay tuned for more.