3 Tips for Writing Better Rhymes

Almost any beginner rapper knows how difficult it is to construct quality rhymes. To be a killer emcee there is a lot of work that goes into it: You need to find complex rhyme schemes, use stylistic devices, have relevant references (and the list goes on !) However, with these tips, you can get started on your journey to being a good emcee.

  • Have Rhyme Book: Everyone remembers that iconic scene from 8 Mile where B-Rabbit like an alien is jotting down rhymes in the back seat of a shabby public transit bus. Well guess what….it really helps !Be creative and try to rhyme as many words as possible. When you have a strong ammo of rhymes you can use, constructing verses is one step easier.
A snippet of my own rhyme sheet
  • Break down multisyllabic words and find corresponding simple words that rhyme with each part. This opens up a wider pool of diction you can use in your raps. For example Stockholm (Stock/Holm > Chalk/Board, Rock/Thrown, Stock Bones)
  • Emulate your favourite rapper: For me personally, the greatest wordsmith ever is Eminem and I routinely study his flow, cadences and rhyme schemes to understand what makes his songs such killer concoctions. Eminem has a way of bend rhyming to make loosely rhyming words bend and fit perfectly in his schemes. Here are some songs that I feel really highlight his rhyming skills : Infinite, Sing For the Moment and Rock Bottom. These songs have a much slower flow than his current ones and are easier to follow. Find yourself an emcee that you really admire and breakdown their verses to see what you like about them or what makes them really unique.

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