Song Review: Discombobulated – Eminem

The beat of Discombobulated sounds really similar to On Fire (2009). In ways the songs can be compared as well.

Discombobulated relives Marshall’s past life of substance abuse, and like Déjà Vu gives a glimpse into what he felt when he was high. This may seem like a stretch but I think he is aware of the similarities between the two songs. In the intro he says ..

“ I’m Discombobulated/ Let’s take them back (Accents)” 

Déjà Vu released in 2009 as part of his Relapse album. The album was notorious for Marshall’s use of accents in songs like My Mom, Bagpipes from Baghdad and Insane.

In songs where Eminem uses drugs as a reference, it is not surprising for him to also mix in a little Shady humor. He is always ready to say something goofy like, 

I will tell you, apply your lips to my dick, it’s one size that fits

I just took an aids test and the doctor said to think positive

What the fuck?”

Eminem started once again venting out his repressed anger with the release of Kamikaze (2018) but it doesn’t end there. He takes Ja Rule out of NoLifeShaq’s toilet, only to flush him down once again, with the bars: 

“Just flew the coupe, the cops are in hot pursuit

But the day they catch me is the day 50’ll call a truce

And squash the feud with him and Ja and Ja’ll actually spit a bar

That’s not from a Dr. Seuss book and he’ll start a group”

To refresh yourself about the 50 and Ja beef, check out Diverse Mentality’s video which dives into it in detail. 

Getting back to the song, I believe no Eminem song is complete without real heavy BARS. This song is filled with wordplay but my favourite bar is:

“Same Marshall Bruce in that battle who lost to Juice

Who also used to sound like Nas on “Live at the Barbeque”

Now I got the juice, wouldn’t beef if I was you”

When he says, “in that battle who lost to Juice”, he referring to his 1997 Rap Olympics battle against rapper Juice. And at the same time, he is also referring to his past battles with drugs (a.k.a Juice). If you remember, he almost OD’d in 2006 and then took a long hiatus from rap. Then made his come back with the feature in Drake’s Forever in 2009.

But then he goes on to say, “Sound like Nas on ‘live at the Barbeque’/ Now I got the juice, wouldn’t beef if I was you”. In this scheme, he naturally shouts out to Nas but at the same time plays with the whole barbeque-beef double. Fucking brilliant !

Overall this song does have a nostalgia feel to it and takes me back to the 2009-2010 Eminem. I really do wish he brings back the accents soon, cause man that shit he did on Ass Like That and Bagpipes from Baghdad was crazy!

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