I only love you to the extent that I want to

If I want to , I can take it away from you

It was way better then, when you were much younger

You did not have any common sense. It’s easier when you’re dumber

I painted a picture , a world for you to fit in

That’s my love’s definition , providing you with my vision

Well what is the matter , you do not like my picture ?

You’re rejecting my love ? Okay , now you’ll know what’s “friction”.

I won’t call , I won’t talk , I won’t share a single thought

I’ll make sure you worry dead, I sincerely hope you really rot

I really hate you took this step, but I think you made your choice

I could have done the same , but I did not raise a voice .

Siddharth Bala

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Published by The Street Pandit

Exploring through Time and Space.

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