As I walk across the bridge

How a bridge changes things ?

On one side I’m chasing dreams.

On the other side , I’m just a lazy thing.

Sometimes I am full of confidence.

But other times I am just clueless …

… I’m confused and my thoughts are dense.

Other times I’m full of common sense.

On one side I’m so unkempt

I feel clumsy like I’m Clark Kent.

But on the other side, on the face of pain

I maintain the composure of Wayne.

To examine how my mood does shift

I go back to the Granville Bridge.

When I’m the middle, looking out to the sea

I hope to discover what’s really “me”.

Is it the man on the west or the man on the east ?

The man who wears ties , or who likes graphic Tees ?

Most hours I’m a sharp like a sword

But at night I walk across to being …

… not a guy who knows what he is doing

But back being a lazy thing.

Siddharth Bala

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