The comfort of a marriage

After a long day at work, my wife cooks me dinner. She’s so beautiful and her food’s delicious … …. but I rather skip her dinner and grow thinner. Every night I make time to have dinner…. …. with my secretary who I’ve an affair with. I feel I and my wife don’t share theContinue reading “The comfort of a marriage”

How I got my First Job

FIRST DRAFT: Let me introduce myself. I am God. Yes, a God, whom all you humans revere and worship fanatically. You have given me so many names, but I prefer to be known by my birth name Sanjay. Pretty regular huh? That’s because I was born a human. Let me tell you something about Gods.Continue reading “How I got my First Job”

As I walk across the bridge

How a bridge changes things ? On one side I’m chasing dreams. On the other side , I’m just a lazy thing. Sometimes I am full of confidence. But other times I am just clueless … … I’m confused and my thoughts are dense. Other times I’m full of common sense. On one side I’mContinue reading “As I walk across the bridge”

“Missed Opportunities”

Just the beginning of my new journey writing short stories. Her phone kept ringing relentlessly. She only got four hours of sleep, after a long night of drinking with her friends. Nevertheless she struggled to find out who this selfish caller was. Squintingly, she saw Mom, Sis. “Aw shit, not again !” she thought toContinue reading ““Missed Opportunities””

Law 4: Determine the Strength of People’s Character

Laws of Human Nature (Robert Greene) series Glossary Toxic Character Types: The Relentless Rebel: These people appear to be exciting and adventurous as they operate against the grain. But a closer look will reveal an air of superiority. Their cause is always the right cause. If you oppose them, you will be the victim ofContinue reading “Law 4: Determine the Strength of People’s Character”

Law 3: See Through People’s Masks – Summary

Laws of Human Nature (Robert Greene) series Premise The essence of what is described in this chapter is that people can lie with words but the body can never lie. “People tend to wear a mask that shows them off in the best possible light- humble, confident, diligent. They say the right things, smile, andContinue reading “Law 3: See Through People’s Masks – Summary”

3 Tips for Writing Better Rhymes

Almost any beginner rapper knows how difficult it is to construct quality rhymes. To be a killer emcee there is a lot of work that goes into it: You need to find complex rhyme schemes, use stylistic devices, have relevant references (and the list goes on !) However, with these tips, you can get startedContinue reading “3 Tips for Writing Better Rhymes”