How Indian Media damaged the Indian Culture

Opinion Piece We Indians are extremely proud of our ancient culture but know 0 about it. We have strayed a long way from what our ancestors did and any call for introspection is treated as an attack. We are an extremely proud bunch who don’t think that we need to change. Not even a bit.Continue reading “How Indian Media damaged the Indian Culture”

3 Tips for Writing Better Rhymes

Almost any beginner rapper knows how difficult it is to construct quality rhymes. To be a killer emcee there is a lot of work that goes into it: You need to find complex rhyme schemes, use stylistic devices, have relevant references (and the list goes on !) However, with these tips, you can get startedContinue reading “3 Tips for Writing Better Rhymes”

ILL Tone gears up to launch music video of ‘Up in My Head’

The suspense rises as rapper/producer, ILL Tone announces that the music video to the title song of his latest EP, Up in My Head, drops tomorrow. This weekend, I had the opportunity to interact with him via an email interview and got a sneak peek into what the MC had going on in his mind. Continue reading “ILL Tone gears up to launch music video of ‘Up in My Head’”

Using instruments instead of picket signs to protest Vancouver busking ban

“I would like Arts, Entertainment and Music to be part of Vancouver’s COVID agenda. To work towards something we can do safely as opposed to something stopped completely.” Bo Henrik, a Vancouver-based RnB artist, alongside many other street performers, is challenging the City of Vancouver’s ban on busking by bringing (the proverbial) it to theContinue reading “Using instruments instead of picket signs to protest Vancouver busking ban”

Can Kr$na bring Desi Hip Hop into the International arena?

Kr$na released his latest single Say My Name on Monday, Sept. 14th where he provokes Muhfaad and Emiway to ‘say his name’ instead of sneak dissing him. This song is not just a battle rap reply to his competitors but it also highlights Kr$na’s acumen and his smarts in the rap business. Kr$na might justContinue reading “Can Kr$na bring Desi Hip Hop into the International arena?”

Vancouver Hip Hop : A Chat with Sam

If you have walked through Vancouver and have not seen this man, you aren’t a true Vancouverite. Moreover, if you have seen him but walked past him, you aren’t a real hip hop stan. From producing to rapping, this man is making massive gains in the hip hop community and I had the opportunity toContinue reading “Vancouver Hip Hop : A Chat with Sam”