Law 3: See Through People’s Masks – Summary

Laws of Human Nature (Robert Greene) series Premise The essence of what is described in this chapter is that people can lie with words but the body can never lie. “People tend to wear a mask that shows them off in the best possible light- humble, confident, diligent. They say the right things, smile, andContinue reading “Law 3: See Through People’s Masks – Summary”

The Laws Broken Down # 1

A summary of the ‘Laws of Human Nature’ by Robert Greene Law # 1 Master your Emotional Self Premise: Everyone believes they are rational but people are guided by their base emotions (i.e ‘hunger for power, attention and money’) as it soothes the ego. This is known, as what Greene (2018) defines as, the PleasureContinue reading “The Laws Broken Down # 1”