How I got my First Job

FIRST DRAFT: Let me introduce myself. I am God. Yes, a God, whom all you humans revere and worship fanatically. You have given me so many names, but I prefer to be known by my birth name Sanjay. Pretty regular huh? That’s because I was born a human. Let me tell you something about Gods.Continue reading “How I got my First Job”

As I walk across the bridge

How a bridge changes things ? On one side I’m chasing dreams. On the other side , I’m just a lazy thing. Sometimes I am full of confidence. But other times I am just clueless … … I’m confused and my thoughts are dense. Other times I’m full of common sense. On one side I’mContinue reading “As I walk across the bridge”

“Missed Opportunities”

Just the beginning of my new journey writing short stories. Her phone kept ringing relentlessly. She only got four hours of sleep, after a long night of drinking with her friends. Nevertheless she struggled to find out who this selfish caller was. Squintingly, she saw Mom, Sis. “Aw shit, not again !” she thought toContinue reading ““Missed Opportunities””